Find your Scent Silhouette Auric Oil Match

Scent connects to memory, perception, and emotions. The scent silhouette is the shadow of scent we carry, this can help us amplify the energy we desire and wish to show the world. Certain smells and oils connect to certain magics, memories and energetic vibrations. Wearing those blends on our skin where we can breathe them can remind us of our own power, our goals and the beauty within our own magic. 

custom blended with essential oils in organic jojoba oil

* keep track of your answers! *
What type of Scents do you gravitate towards?
a) Sweet and cozy 
b) rich and deep 
c) light and floral
d) unique and spiced

What is your vibe?
a) silly, sweet and lighthearted
b) zen and peaceful
c) artistic, sensual and intriguing 
d) mysterious and sexy
What mythological creature/cryptid would you be?
a) a nature loving fae
b) a wise, healing centaur
c) a sultry siren
d) a fierce and powerful dragon

What do you hope people think upon first meeting you?

a) wow, so much joy and kindness!
b) what a calm and relaxed person! 
c) major sexy, cool and creative vibes
d) whoa, what a mysterious and powerful energy

What setting brings you the most joy?
a) A floral meadow tea party, complete with herbal tea, sweet treats and lots of giggles
b) a metaphysical shop by the foggy seashore, with lit incense and tarot cards ready for the reading
c) an art exhibition with cool music, champagne and a gorgeous goddess-vibes aesthetic
d) a quiet cottage, deep in the woods, with a roaring fire, hot tea and a cauldron bubbling joyfully

If you got mostly A- "Of the Faeries" is your  auric scent!  Sweet, Flirty, mischievious, creative, lovely

If you got mostly B- "Sacred Space" is your auric scent!  Zen, relaxing, protected, self appreciating, spiritual

If you got mostly C- "The Muse" is your auric scent!  Creative, balanced, inspirational, inspired, sensual

If you got mostly D- " The Witch" is your auric scent! Powerful, intuitive, enigmatic, heightened consciousness, unstoppable

If you were a blend of two or more, make sure to check the long descriptions below to find what feels like a perfect match! 

A- Of the Faeries is a sparkle in a meadow, a bell on the wind, an intoxicating magic floating on tiny wings. To be Of the Faeries, we surrender our belief to a world of nature. Cakes of honey, lavender tea and fresh blooming florals on tiny toadstools made into tables, welcome you to a place of revelry, mischief and magic!  To honor the Earth and dance in the dew-covered meadow, flowers wild in your hair and sunshine kissing your cheeks, is to be Of the Faeries. 
Notes of hive-warmed honey, sweet sugared vanilla, lavender blooms, sun-ripened berries and a sprinkle of wildflowers


B- Sacred Space is a place of growth, inspiration and knowledge. Bringing the energy and scent of your favorite witchy shop, a space of exploration and excitement. Sacred Space is carrying that warmth with you and becoming your own temple. Lit incense, resins and ancient protections live in this Sacred Space, a mystery waiting to be revealed. The Sacred Space encourages spiritual exploration, self-trust and confidence in your truth. 
Notes of calming and ancient Nag Champa,  egyptian inspired musk, resin of dragons blood and sacred sandalwood
C- The Muse is a true champion of art and creation, serving as inspiration everywhere they step. A genius of their own invention, The Muse is a powerful force of beauty, intrigue and creativity. The words they speak are poetry, their movements are a fluid dance. Brilliant in all arenas and confident in their knowledge, the Muse encourages and empowers all to find their true inspiration and passions. 
Notes of warmed vanilla, sandalwood, gentle gardenia and geranium petals

D- The Witch is a force to be reckoned with, gorgeously in tune with nature and the forces beyond, wildly free in their magic. Everywhere they roam, the vibrations raise and dance at their presence, bringing limitless love and holding the mirror of truth to everyone they meet. A mysterious beauty, a willful magician, a warrior of love, a champion of change, a pillar of peace, an enigma built of the universal forces they walk within. 

Notes of dark yet sweet dragons blood, sensual night blooming jasmine, sweet orange and patchouli 



roll the oil on the top side of your wrists/arms, shoulders and neck! its less likely to rub and wear away quicker. ( we also rub some on our shirt if its a dark color, light colors can stain)

Go heavy if you want a noticeable scent, and roll lighty if you want a more subtle and personal fragrance,

roll the bottle in your palms for 30 seconds, warming and blending the oil, give it your intent! what vibe are you walking in today? Charge the oil with your energy!

toss in your bag for the day, so you can reapply for an energy boost or a scent reboot!
Twelfth House Apothecary