A powerful witch who shied away from her magical upbringing and fell in love with a mortal, tragic. Samantha is a vintage babe with all the power, an underhanded beacon of hope wrapped in a quirky sitcom witch, giving subtle nods that women deserved to own their true magic in a time lacking that role model. An Energy  of empowerment, uplifted spirits, joyful self love and sunshine warmth.  Embody the Quirky Retro Queen- sweet and zesty citrus and berries (perhaps served in a vintage jello mold?), nose wiggles, and a subtle hint of female empowerment. 
tangerine, grapefruit, juicy orange, sun-ripened rasperries, honey, and bright amber
Fresh. Juicy. Hopeful. Empowered. 


A teenage angst combo-ed with magical powers and talking cats? We are in. Sabrina could be anything from a 90’s icon to reigning Hell queen, versatile and powerful in her magic.  Sabrina inspires all generations to tap into their inner witch! An energy of freedom, power, natures forces and a wink of sinful fun. Embody the Teen Queen of Witches-

Notes of sweet, sugary youthfulness aka vanilla, fragrant funeral home florals, ancient evergreens and a hint of sacred, ritualistic bonfires. 
Spun vanilla sugar, morose florals, wind of the dark forest and flame-Warmed wood, 
Sweet yet woodsy
Free. Empowered. Mischeivious. Determined. 

The brightest Witch of her age, that you’ve ever met! Brilliant and powerful, and owning it. A light for all of the bookish, the brilliant, the intelligent and the witches who spend their nights cozied up with a good novel. An inspirer of owning your abilities and shining bright no matter the odds against you. Energy of intellect, inspiration, powerful self protection and brilliant self appreciation.  Embody the Intellectual Queen- notes of magical herbs, learned in an herbology class or pulled from a bottomless bag, leather book spines, critical thinking skills, and the warmth of a low burning library candle
Fresh green herbals, lavender, lemongrass, cypress and deep warmed musk
Intellectual. Herbal. Earthy. Confident. 

Twelfth House Apothecary