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HERBS for Retrogrades:
Every planet has herbs that work within its elements and energies. Working with these herbs can help us work with the slowed down energy of a retrograde and have some clarity! These are just a few of the herbs that fit here; there are many herbs that can fit to the specific energies or the reaction we have to these energies.
(check all allergies and contraindications before working with herbs you're unfamiliar with)

Mercury (ruler of communications and coordinations) -clover, dill, bergamot, lemongrass, lavender, parsley, flax, almond, caraway, fennel, horehound, lily of the valley, marjoram, gingko. Herbs that awaken the senses and stimulate the mind work well with Mercury. 

Mars (ruler of anger, motivation, destruction and passion) -mustard, cayenne, cumin, rue, pepper, tobacco. Herbs that a heat or boost energy, many grow in dry environments. 

Saturn (ruler of boundaries, karma, and reality)- patchouli, valerian, St. Johns wort, dill, hyssop, and rosemary. Herbs that grow in the dark and confined places tend to bond with the Saturn energy. 

Jupiter (ruler of the mind, business success, luck, expansion and travel)- dandelion, clary sage, anise, honeysuckle, oak, clove, and aloe. Herbs that stimulate the mind usually work well within Jupiter. 

Pluto (ruler of the unconscious mind, death, rebirth, transformation)- ginseng, astralgus, chlorella, mugwort, myrrh and amaranth. Herbs of transformative nature work well in Pluto. 

Seasonal herbs:

herbs that are easily available during this time of year


bee balm
lemon balm

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Herbal alternatives to white sage for all your cleansing needs!

•rosemary- protection, purification, fidelity, psychic ability 
•lavender- soothing, relaxation, divination, dreaming, vibe raising
•Pine- prosperity, health, confidence, protection, home blessing
•Cedar- draws positivity, removes negative energy, protection, strength
•Sweetgrass- positivity, divine femme, healing, joy
•Clove buds- prosperity, heightened awareness, mind clarity, dispel negativity
•Mugwort- meditation, dreaming, divination, removing negative energies
•Yerba Santa- boundary setting, protection, self growth, Psychic ability
•Blue sage-healing, cleansing, bringing joy
•lavender sage- joy, harmony, love energy
•desert sage- inner strength, purification, protection, pleasant mindset
Powerfully Peaceful Energy Wash
Fresh Lemons
Bay leaf
Juice of a Lemon
(add essential oils of lavender/sweet orange/mint/rosemary/sage for an extra clean/cleanse/ joyful boost, after cooled)
Slice 2 lemons and add to 8 cups of water
Add ½ cup of lemon juice
Bring to a simmer and add herbals
Slowly and gently simmer for 25-30 minutes,
Stir every 8 and place your intentions into the blend
Strain and cool, use a rag/towel etc, to clean floors, window wells, doorframes, doorhandles, etc!
Lemon- a symbol of cleansing and long used for its antibacterial properties. Lemon cleanses negativity and has long been used in purification and love energy work. Lemons are a water element herb and work beautifully in all water-based workings.
Lavender-an herb of peace and joy, used often in workings to bring rest and dispel sorrow. In this blend it can aid in creating a beautiful, happy energy in your space. An herb of Mercury and Air, it helps communicate your emotional state and understand it. Lavender can help repell pests and has disinfectant qualities too. 
Mint- prosperous and protective, mint is an old traditional negativity-remove. Mint is said to draw helpful energies to your space and keep negative and unwanted entities/energies from entering.  Also an Air herb, working to move energy through the space and keep stagnant areas in motion. Also antimicrobial and antibacterial, it’s a wonderful alternative to harsh chemicals in cleaning! 
Bay Leaf- used anciently as a prophetic herb and also commonly used in protection workings. Bay is fire and Sun energy, powerful in purification and strength workings. Bay here aids in  protection to all who enter the space and lends a vibrational raise to the area, allowing one to access higher states of energy workings.
Calendula- folk magically used in garlands around doorframes/bedposts/ under the bed for protection and intuitive prowess boosts. Calendula is of Fire and Sun and brings a powerful insight, joy and a little luck energy.
Rosemary- one of the oldest herbals used for purification/cleansing work. Rosemary was used in the rooms of the ill to promote healing and health and burned to promote cleansing and rest. Many healers would wash their hands in a rosemary solution before practicing their medicine. A Solar, Fire herbal, Rosemary is a powerful aid for powerful workings! Antifungal and disinfectant properties make it a wonderful cleaning aid! 



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