Where do your herbs come from?

we source our herbs (all certified/ grown organic or wildcrafted organic) from herbal suppliers local to us! We cut and dry ourselves when available. 

Why do the oils look dark?

essential/fragrance oils all have different compositions, some are darker than others and some will darken over time. 

Where do I apply the fragrance oil?

pulse points, arms, shoulders, necks, are our suggestions! Avoid the face, mouth and sensitive areas and don't use on broken skin! Also avoid light clothing as some oils are staining. (although we have been known to rub our oiled wrists on our dark clothes for a lasting scent)

Why is my bath soak/soap getting darker in color?

over time the oils we use absorb deeper into the salts and powders and can naturally give a deeper colorant, also anything with vanilla oil gets dark over time as we do not use any preservatives or chemicals to stop the oxidization. Herbs can also bleed a little color into the soap, no big deal! We suggest keeping the soap outside of the bath in a soap dish to keep it from bleeding or shrinking extra fast. 

How long do the products last on a shelf?

we recommend using bath soaks within 2 weeks of receiving, again we don't use preservatives and want you to enjoy our baths at their best! The teas we recommend within 3 months of receiving, but they would most definitely last longer than that without any problems. Soap with herbals can develop some natural discoloration or color bleeding around the herbs and like all soap it can shrink a little once exposed to water. Our roller oils will last a approx. a year without changing scent, but they can change if left in hot sun or freezing cold. 

Will these bath soaks stain my tub?

nope! We don't add any colorants and as long as you rinse the herbs and oils out after use, you'll be all good! Use anything with color or charcoal in a clean tub, they're blended not to stick but if you have soap/shampoo residue it may stick to that, it will wipe easily out though!

How long do I steep the herbal blends?

We say to steep them for about 5-10 minutes and stir the bag before removing it. 

Do you sell these in person?

We do! We will post on our social media when we have live sale events!  You can also find a few products in local stores! Our Inked Witch Herbal Balm can be purchased at Tell Tale Tattoos in Merrimack, NH, and many seasonal goods can be found at Banyan Tree Yoga in Nashua, NH! 

How long does shipping take?

It varies, we ship asap to get you everything nice and quickly but it really depends on location but we ship everything within 2 business days of ordering. 

Do you do personal herbal/astrology/crystal readings?

Yes! There are upcoming opportunities for workshops led by Samantha. these opportunities for readings/workshops will be announced via the Instagram page and also announced on our email list.  

Please don't hesitate to contact with questions! 

We love to hear from you! Send us what you think of your products so we can post your testimonials and hear your feedback!
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