The Autumn Witch
Scent Silhouette
Auric Oil

Notes of crisp orchard apples, late blooming roses, frost dampened leaves and autumnal berries.
Begins with a crisp bouquet of apples and rose, deepening into a more complex, enchanting scent as it warms on the skin

The Autumn Witch is a breath of change, a cool breeze across dropped leaves, the scent of magic heavy on the air. The celebration of light and dark,  Moon and Sun,  the veil between the worlds growing ever thinner. The Autumn Witch is confident and at home amidst the darkening days, celebrating their own changes, beautifully in synch with the seasons. A certain energy moves within the yellows and golds of the trees, the final blooms and harvests, a promise of darkness, nature’s grand finale as it slips towards its winter slumber. A limited time Fall fragrance to dance through the season in harmony and love, with a peaceful knowledge of the waxing and waning growth that moves through every piece of our world. 

Pumpkin Cat
 Kitten Familiar 
Bath Bomb
Tis the season for pumpkin everything, even pumpkin familiars! 
This limited edition, precious Pumpkin Cat is a spooky season must-have. Fizzing to a trick-or-treat-worthy orange shimmer in your tub and releasing a sweet and spiced pumpkin cake aroma. Blended to enrich the magical time of year that lends us change, magic and an embrace of the darkness! Hand painted for extra-cuteness and custom made with skincare power players, jojoba oil and kaolin clay, for a bath that’s so moisturizing, its spooky! 

 Bath Potion

When witches go riding and black cats are seen… tis the time to release your inner dark  queen!

 A black as night bath potion for your Hallows Eve festivities, (which obviously began in July, right?) blended to detox both your skin and aura. Coconut activated charcoal pulls toxins, unclogs pores and energetically aids in cutting cords you need removed. Our custom salt blend doubles as skin luxury and protective cleansing. An organic spooky-season essential oil concoction of cinnamon, nutmeg , clove, cardamom and cassia, bring a spooky season aromatherapy,  (its a pumpkin pie, sweet and spicy dream!) creating the perfect magical bath to release, conjure and thrive. 
The perfect blend for an Autumn moon bath, a witchy photoshoot, communing with your visiting spirits, an energetic purification or some delectably spooky selfcare. 
Limited Edition Fall Candles
organic soy wax
4oz tins

Two exclusive Autumn scents!

One is The Autumn Witch, going hand and hand with our seasonal Oil 
(Notes of crisp orchard apples, late blooming roses, frost dampened leaves and autumnal berries)
topped with rose quartz, garnet and rose petals for an energetically charged scent! 
The second is Autumn Magic
(Notes of Sugared Pumpkins, caramel, walnuts and vanilla espresso)
topped with tiger eye, garnet and calendula petals
Autumn Magic is a warm cup of pumpkin coffee steaming away in the crisp morning air. The adorning of doorsteps with grinning pumpkin faces, the spice cabinet stocked with fall necessities, ready for baking. Autumn Magic is warm and cozy, change, and reflection, bringing us the rewards of harvest season. Here we find ourselves slowly withdrawing indoors as the Earth takes a final bow before going quiet into her winter slumber. Magic abounds in every fallen, golden leaf and pumpkin carved, an energy that only appears at this special time of year. 
SO Cozy 
Autumn Seasonal Tea Blend

A warm blend, spiced and comfy, perfect for the upcoming cool weather. Warming and love-working herbals bring a sweet, soul warming hug in a mug.
A chamomile and honeybush base dances with cinnamon, vanilla and ground orange peel for a delightfully aromatic, lightly sweet and spiced, autumn flavor. 
Wonderful for relaxation, cozy autumnal naps, and melting into the spirit of Fall. 
Twelfth House Apothecary