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Neptune: Rx in Pisces
Uranus: Rx in Taurus
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Sun- Sagittarius
Welcome the Archer
Adventure, exploration, truth seeking

9th House
Fire Element
Jupiter Ruled

Sagittarius brings vision to the world. With an adventurous energy and an ability to see the grand, big picture of life, Sagittarius solar transits expand our minds and encourage us to philosophize! Through our experiences we gain knowledge and that is exactly Sag's message. Learn through doing, learn through the authentic examples around us, and learn through open minded exploration. Sagittarius Sun imparts an energy of wisdom and reverence for living in the moment. Sagittarius is a flame of joyful energy, utilizing positive belief at every turn and encouraging us to tae a risk, speak our minds and bloom in our knowledge.Freedom, knowledge and adventure are strong pulls here. We often feel called to shake things up under Sagittarius. New jobs, new relationships, new places, all call to us. We are blunt, ( sag is known for their direct communication!) to the point of some oops moments and can hurt others feelings without meaning to. Sagittarius has a lot to say and they’re honest about it all!
Sagittarius is Jupiter ruled the planet of growth and expansion. We grow here! We are perceptive, open and ready to make some moves. Sagittarius energy loves a good story so we are ready to have an adventure, have some laughs and release some of the tension of this year. 
Sagittarius rules over the 9th house, often referred to as the house of Philosophy. Here we search for meaning and explore our ideals, ethics, our higher knowledge and sense of spirituality. Sagittarius has a hunger for knowledge and seeks to expand it through “doing”, always ready for a new experience, as this is how we learn under this Sun!

Sagittarius Season Tips:
  • Speak honestly, but watch the bluntness! sag energy can have us speaking all the truths, hold the filter! We can easily hurt others feelings with the lack of tact that can come with this! Definitely speak up, just take a pause before spilling the tea.
  • Try something totally new! Adventure calls under this fire sun and we are inclined to answer! trying something new and learning about a new topic will thrill and delight! Doing is the best way to learn under this energy!
  • Don't fear change! Sag energy likes to move quickly and can burn away the things that can't keep up. New beginnings are favored here, lean into the new things coming your way!
  • Reflect on your own growth. Where have you bloomed this year? Whats grown and changed? Where have you expanded? We are philosophical here and acknowledging your expansions will help you to see your clear path. 
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