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Astrology insights, herbal knowledge and tips, botanical creations, crystal healing, energy work, and more ! 

| Our name comes from the 12th house in astrology. The 12th house is often called the "house of the subconscious" ruling our instincts, dreams, intuition and shadow selves. In this house also resides our philanthropy, creative outlets, and innermost emotions, a home to the seekers and spiritually conscious.
 Many view this house in a dark connotation, when it is truly a champion of transformation and growth. |

Twelfth House Apothecary is our space to bring our little bit of magic to you!

We offer a small selection of  botanical products, crafts, witchy items, unique oil fragrances, crystals (always growing) and lots of seasonal specialities!

All our products are crafted in small batches, with love and intent put into each and every one! 


Hand Painted Scrying Mirrors,  in three styles, 
just in time for Samhain & All Hallows Eve! 
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